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  • download >(+)High Resolution Isotope Pattern Filtering for Metabolite Detection
  • download >(+)MsXelerator: a Software Platform for Reactive Metabolite Detection
  • download >(+)Comparing Different Reactive Metabolite Trapping Assays
  • download >(+)MsXelerator: A Platform for LC/MS based Metabolomics
  • download >(+)IHumite: A Targeted Metabolite Profling Workflow
  • download >(+)Quantitative Metabolomics using Isotope Labeling and LC-HRMS
  • download >(+)Differential Stable Isotope Labeling: Epitope Identification
  • download >(+)Identification of Antigenic Peptides using Metabolic Strategies
  • download >(+)Identifiation of Formaldehyde Induced Modification in Diphteria Toxoid