MsMetrix develops software for processing LC/MS and GC/MS data, applicable to all research and application areas. We generate reliable conclusions from large and complicated data sets using fast and comprehensive algorithms and methods. Currently three products are available: MsXelerator™, GC-Analyzer™ and GCxGC-Analyzer™


MsXelerator contains unique algorithms unparalleled in speed, sensitivity and ease of use. Use one program for all vendors for Accurate Detection, Differential Analysis, Isotope Peak Finding, Identification and Metabolomics Data Analysis for LC/MS & GC/MS




MsMetrix provides new innovations regarding GC/MS and LC/MS not found anywhere else. Product are continously improved with new research based ideas from customers and clients discussed toghether.>

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2 February 2023

GC-Analyzer: Identifies up to 30% more Components in Screening

GC-Analyzer was developed for screening and to find differences between samples for Trouble Shooting and Product Control.
In multiple tests it was shown that GC-Analyzer detects 30-40% more positive identified Components compared to 3 other software packages.

1 February 2023

GCxGC-Analyzer™: Comprehensive GCxGC/MS Deconvolution and Comparative Analysis Software

MsMetrix recently launched GCxGC-Analyzer™, a powerful software package to perform Comprehensive GCxGC/MS Viewing, Peak Detection, Deconvolution, Differential/Comparative Product Analysis and Identification of all detected peaks using NIST Library Search.

1 February 2023

GC-Analyzer: The best of Both: FID and MS fully combined

Using GC-Analyzer it is now possible to combine FID and MS data processing. We use FID for the quantitative part and MS for Qualitative Analysis.
Co-eluting peaks, that cannot be detected using FID are now proportionally split using MS deconvolution results, a unique concept.

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