• diff-comp-analysis-biomarker-discovery

    Differential / Comparative Analysis: BioMarker Discovery

    Create Peak List by using Mpeaks high resolution peak detection in an untargeted approach, or import all precursor ions from Mascot result files. Next, apply the sensitive differential analysis algorithm in Mpeaks to calculate all the fold changes between sample and one or more controls/reference samples. Quickly find up- or down-regulated peptide.

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  • detecting-peaks-missed-by-msms

    Detection of small up- or down-regulated Peaks missed by MS/MS

    Most of the MSMS spectra for identification relate to the most abundant nor-relevant ions. Use a different procedure to detect and identify the real interesting peaks. First perform a sensitive differential analysis. Output a list of interesting m/z values and retention times to be used as an inclusion list for subsequent analysis.

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  • direct-mass-spec-protein-deconvolution

    Direct Mass Spec Protein Deconvolution

    Apply direct MS deconvolution using multi-charge spectra to estimate protein molecular weights. To be used in combination with full data set peak picking.

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