GC-MS Data Processing

  • gcms-quality-control

    GC/MS Quality Control

    GC/MS QC is an add-on module to MsCompare, developed for Quality Control of GC/MS data in Metabonomic applications. The module offers a large number of tools to check and control QC samples part of your Sample Series. GC/MS QC guarantees that the obtained results on your samples are accurate and reliable. Includes Deconvolution, Alignment, Peak Picking, Retention Time indexing and Identification of unknown peaks using NIST libraries.

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  • GCMS Deconvolution

    GC/MS Accurate Deconvolution

    Deconvolution is one of the most challenging steps in GCMS data processing. MsXelerator uses unique algorithms to perform sensitive and reliable deconvolution. Deconvoluted spectra can be used directly to get more reliable identifications

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  • gcms-diff-analysis

    GC/MS Differential Analysis – What is Different

    If you need to detect low level components in a sample compared to a reference or control use GC/MS Differential Analysis. The algorithm combines differential analysis and deconvolution in one step.

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  • gcms-metabolomics

    GC/MS Metabolomics

    Make use of the specialized GC/MS algorithms for Metabolomics projects. Output results from all samples that are reliable for solving your biological questions. We have what you need: data pre-processing, accurate baseline correction, alignment, smoothing, peak picking, deconvolution, Anova based on designed experiments, multivariate classification, univariate statistics. Validate your results using one software package.

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