Courses & Training

MsMetrix provides courses and training at different levels, in different areas and at different places. Introductory courses on the philosophy behind and hands-on use of our software are lectured in Maarssen, The Netherlands and other places where we have collaborators.

Courses are also offered in-house for larger enterprises, sometimes in combination with supervision and consulting on projects. On request, we offer tailor-made courses in specific application areas:

  • BioMarkers and Comparative Analysis
  • Advanced Data Alignment
  • Multivariate Data Analysis for LC/MS and GC/MS Data Processing
  • Design of Experiments, General Statistics and Optimization
  • Quantitative Proteomics
  • Metabolite Profiling, Impurity Profiling and Degradation Profiling


On-site training

On-site training covers the same topics as the in-house trainings and can be structured to facilitate training on analysis tools as well as advanced topics. On-site training courses are scheduled at your request and will last as long as necessary to accommodate all of your users.
To conduct on-site training, the MsMetrix trainers must have access to a training room with the appropriate number of PC’s.

Webcast Sessions

Training can be delivered on a customer-specific basis via Webcast technology. These sessions will provide customized training and will be limited to a single user or group of users who will be able to ask specific questions about the use of MsXelerator features using their own data.

Please contact the MsMetrix Services Team for more information.