High Resolution Isotope Pattern Filtering – Low Level Reactive Metabolite Detection

The Isotope Pattern Filtering Algorithm (IPF) is dedicated to finding peaks/components in your data having specific isotopic patterns. These patterns can be “natural” as will be the case in drugs containing e.g. Cl, Cl2, Br or they may have been introduced by using special stable isotope labeling techniques (labeled GSH).  Peaks having specific isotope patterns or peaks from labeled compounds are found by IPF in a fraction of the time compared to a manual screening of the data set. The search will be performed on the raw data.

Use IPF to detect:

  • Cl, Cl2 in highly complex in vivo matrices
  • Reactive Metabolites based on labeled/un-labeled GSH Adduct Trapping
  • Specifically detect peaks having charge states 2+/3+
  • Any other Isotopic Pattern you can define manually

IPF Tools can be combined with Mass Defect Filtering, Differential Analysis, Product Ion and Neutral Loss detection and also includes all of the MsXelerator Identification Tools.


IPeaks GSH Spectrum

                           GSH Doublet Peaks at very low level (Delta m/z 3.0037+/- 0.005)