MsMetrix develops software for processing LC/MS and GC/MS data, applicable to all research and application areas. We generate reliable conclusions from large and complicated data sets using fast and comprehensive algorithms and methods. Currently three products are available: MsXelerator™, GC-Analyzer™ and GCxGC-Analyzer™


MsXelerator contains unique algorithms unparalleled in speed, sensitivity and ease of use. Use one program for all vendors for Accurate Detection, Differential Analysis, Isotope Peak Finding, Identification and Uni- or Multivariate Data Analysis in LC/MS & GC/MS



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15 April 2016

New! GCxGC-Analyzer – GCxGC/MS Deconvolution Software

MsMetrix recently launched GCxGC-Analyzer, a powerful software package to perform Comprehensive GCxGC/MS Viewing, Peak Picking, Deconvolution, Differential Product Analysis and Identification of all detected peaks using NIST Library Search.

12 January 2016

GC/MS Deconvolution: When it really gets Difficult

Experience difficulties in GC/MS Deconvolution? We have compared a number of software packages for GC/MS Deconvolution. Most of […]

4 December 2015

No Succes Applying Multivariate Data Analysis?

Having difficulties applying Multivariate Analysis on your data? Many of the popular Multivariate methods for LC/MS and GC/MS data processing, like PCA and variants of PLS find their origin in N(IR) Spectroscopy, where data are highly correlated. In LC/MS and GC/MS data sets the correlation structure is often missing or weak.