What Customers Say

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    I analyze target and non-target compounds in surface and drinking water by GC-MS for over 20 years. The GC-Analyzer software is excellent in detecting and identifying compound levels lower than 10 ng/l in combination with our NIST library. Our screening analysis got a great boost through a simpler way of identifying compounds and reporting. Results are much faster available for our customers.

    Cees Bijsterbosch, Specialist Organic Chemistry, Het Waterlaboratorium, Haarlem, The Netherlands
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    ‘MsXelerator is an essential tool nowadays in processing our proteomics datasets. It provides sensitive algorithms to search for mass spectral doublets, either targeting absolute mass differences (in the context of e.g. SILAC-based proteomics experiments or chemical modifications of amino acids) or relative mass differences. This latter feature is unique in its kind, as it allocates14N/15N-isotopically labeled peptides characterized by a relative mass difference of 1.2% of the m/z-value of the peptide and user-specified peak intensity ratios. All data processing is performed on the raw MS data, without any prior data conversion.

    It is without any doubt that this application has boosted our Immuno Proteomics research. Moreover, the good hands-on training and the direct contact with the software developers of MsXelerator allows us to have user-defined modules integrated in the basic version of the application.’

    Hugo D. Meiring, PhD, Senior Scientist Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Institute for Translational Vaccinology, Intravacc.
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    ‘We successfully used the Reference Peak Warping (RPW) function of the MsXelerator software to align profiles of rat-urinary metabolites obtained by capillary electrophoresis–mass spectrometry. The excellent alignment allowed reliable principal component analysis revealing significant differences between antibiotic-treated and non-treated rats.’

    Miranda de Kok, PhD, Biomedical Analysis, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Science University Utrecht, the Netherlands
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    ‘MsXelerator enabled us to select peptides from very complex mixtures by recognition of their specifically induced isotope pattern. Manual inspection of thousands of spectra has been replaced by an hour of analysis time using MsXelerator.’

    Dr. P.A. van Veelen, LUMC, Head Mass spectrometry group, Leiden, The Netherlands
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    ‘MsXelerator is a real time-saver when processing our discovery and (pre)clinical Met-ID experiments at MSD (Schering-Plough, Organon).’

    • One workflow in a multi vendor ms lab.
    • Searches for artificial isotope patterns at low level that worked (labeled compounds).
    • Customization.
    Peter Jacobs, Head ADME Analysis, Schering-Plough
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