1 February 2023

GCxGC-Analyzer™: Comprehensive GCxGC/MS Deconvolution and Comparative Analysis Software

MsMetrix recently launched GCxGC-Analyzer™, a powerful software package to perform Comprehensive GCxGC/MS Viewing, Peak Detection, Deconvolution, Differential/Comparative Analysis and Identification of all detected peaks using NIST Library Search.

CGxGC-Analyzer handles all fragment ions individually. Therefore it is much more sensitive compared to imaging software operating on the Total Ion Current only.  Use GCxGC-Analyzer to detect minor impurities compared to a reference sample. Even impurities completely co-eluting under big Peaks can be detected and identified !


GCxGC-Analyzer: Overview of Detected and Identified Peaks in Heatmap Plot




GCxGC-Analyzer: Differential Analysis Overview showing Unique Differential Peaks